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If not.

It has now been 9 1/2 months since I lost Noah and 26 months since I first started TTC. In the meantime, I've watched so many others have...

Sovereignty: A Double Edged Sword

At the hospital, when I had realized that I was in labour with Noah, I couldn't focus on anything else except getting through the pain of...

I see you.

Losing a baby is unnatural, it's uncomfortable, it's heartbreaking, it's painful, it's messy, it's unimaginable. What can you possibly...

Beauty in Tragedy

Alex and I were blessed to have been able to spend the last 2 weeks in Maui. It was truly a blessing from God just to be able to go away...

My Way

Suffering. One thing that we can expect from this world. How do you cope? At first, I tried coping with my miscarriage by doing it my way.

God Hears Our Cries

How does one deal with the loss of a child? This is the story of the loss of my son, Noah, and how I have coped with loss.



For women who have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, or child loss

Still Standing is an online magazine that posts articles daily. Each article is written by individuals who have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or child loss. Most authors are women, but some articles are written by men as well. This has been a huge source of encouragement to me; it really brings women of loss together.

Molly Bears creates personalized weighted bears as a tangible reminder for bereaved mothers of their angel babies.

This organization provides support to women that have have had stillbirths all over North America. It was through this organization that we got professional photos, free of cost, of and with Noah. They have helpful articles and they coordinate professional photographers to take photos of families with their silent babies or pay a professional editor to edit photos taken by health care staff.

A short book of truth statements coupled with beautiful abstract artwork written by a woman who has experienced child loss for women who are going through child loss. It's a book I keep on my night table and read often.

Beautifully written blog posts about Emma's journey through loss and about trying to honour and remember our angel babies even when life moves on.

A Christian organization for women who are experiencing fertility issues and/or loss. They have a blog with encouraging posts, they have a care package that is send to women who have lost a baby, and an online store with some encouraging items for purchase.



Grief. Miscarriage. Stillbirth. Loaded words all too familiar to so many women in our society, but somehow it still doesn't get talked about much. Why? Our society is uncomfortable talking about pain, grief, and loss. Not typically something anyone wants to talk about.

Here you can read my raw, unfiltered thoughts as I write about living with loss, miscarriage, grief, and the sufferings of this unfair world in general. You can read about my attempts to cling to the hope and strength that lies within my Saviour even amidst the chaos and the waiting. My desire is that through reading each post you see the shining light that has been my strength and my rock, Jesus Christ. For without Him, I would not be in a position to share about my loss. In fact, I would not be able to even cope.

I hope that there are things in my posts that jump out at you, where you think "that's exactly how I feel" so that you know, you are not alone. Because, hey, I'm right here in the muck with you, consciously trying each day to put my trust in Christ, relying on Him for my strength. Because God knows, I can't do it on my own.